Karen Scott requested this book for the Ebook Buzz. I have to give Karen and Daisy both kudos for making this the most entertaining review to come in. Go read Karen’s review, she didn’t love it.

But what makes it even more delightful is Daisy’s response in the comments. http://karenscottworld.blogspot.com/2006/05/karen-does-daisy-dexter-dobbs.html

And if you have extra time, you might take a look at Karen’s previous entry, where she posts that she is reading Just Like a Dame. Daisy leaves a rather humerous sucking up comment in that blog, as well.

Last, go and visit Daisy’s blog, where she gives a running commentary on the highs and lows of receiving positive and negative reviews. http://daisydexterdobbs.blogspot.com/2006/04/just-like-dame-nominated-praised-and.html

Finally, you can read more about Just Like a Dame and purchase it here.

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