Yep, I’m still sick. My MIL was here Monday and Tuesday helping out, which is good because Monday is a big blur for me and yesterday I was just exhausted. Of course, yesterday morning we went to breakfast and then to Walmart for groceries, which didn’t help my exhaustion, I suppose (and my husband yelled at me for it). I thought for sure I’d wake up feeling much better this morning, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. I called my doctor for an appointment and they couldn’t see me. Three doctors in the office and not one had an opening. I’ve been wondering exactly WHY I have a doctor if I can’t get in to see them when I need them. So today, I’m struggling to focus on edits, entertain Brianna and not bite anyone’s head off because I am absolutely bitchy from being sick for so long and now not being able to see the doctor.

I’m feeling very stressed about being sick for so many days and how much isn’t getting done. The longer I’m sick, the more I’m stressed, which I’m sure doesn’t help the getting better process. I’m feeling very overwhelmed and anxious. And sick, did I mention still sick? :sigh:

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