Yesterday, I checked my email and found I had one comment in moderation here on the blog. It was for a post I’d written back in June of 2005 titled, “Breastfeeding is sooo not disgusting”. Apparently, if you Google “Breastfeeding is Disgusting” it turns out that I’m the number nine result. Who knew?

At first, I was a bit upset at the thought of someone leaving this comment, but that lasted all of about 30 minutes, then I was appalled. Now, I’m mostly amused as I re-read it, on so many levels.

Ama said:

I find breastfeeding disgusting. I don’t know how someone who is normally self-respecting can want to turn into a cow that feeds another person. Yuck. And all this gushing nonstop about the baby, i dont care about your baby. why do women with babies want to talk so much about their babies? why does anyone even want one? too many humans. it seems to be the most selfish thing to gloat and gloat about your little babies and the breastfeeding is the cherry on the cake.


To the best of my knowledge I don’t know Ama (nor do I suspect I want to) but I guess s/he feels about my blog how I feel about Tom Cruise…rather befuddled and disgusted. Ah well, such is the way the world turns.

I have to admit, I’m more than a little bemused my her/his rather virulent comment about both breastfeeding and babies, and I’m exceedingly glad I’m not this person’s mother because…well…unless Ama is a pod person, s/he was a baby once, birthed by an apparently selfish woman (in Ama’s view of how things work). Breastfed? Who knows. But had Ama been born in an earlier period of time…s/he would have been breastfed most certainly. Good thing for all of mankind that our ancestors didn’t hold Ama’s view of breastfeeding and babies or…well…none of us would be here.

Ama, if you happen to come back to my selfish, gloating, gushing blog, here’s a little something for you. Consider it the cherry on the cake of this entry:


Isn’t she the most gorgeous breastfed baby ever? I think so :heart:

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