I don’t think the need for sanity savers is exclusive to being a work-at-home-mom, but I’ll tell you, I don’t think I’d get through some days without mine.

**The Breakfast Bitches…though our blog is now defunct (due to lack of time and too many other commitments) the morning, afternoon and evening chats remain. We “meet” on IM in the morning for a couple hours, are available to each other throughout the day, and often end up chatting again at night (it’s fun to “watch” American Idol with other people who don’t care how catty you are). These women are always there for me and I can’t remember what my days were like before them. Probably bland, boring and lifeless. They’re my office water cooler buddies (without the office or the water cooler), my best friends and the people I can go to and recieve no judgement.

**My playgroup. Though I don’t often get to attend actual playgroups, because of working at home, I still have the support of a large group of local women and can always post on our local message board. We chatter about everything and I can always count on them to be able to sympathize with any at-home mom stresses I’m having. They’re amazing and awesome and I’m glad I have such great women in the area to depend on.

**Sasha and Jess. Two of the other editors at Samhain, who came along a couple months after I did. For a short while, there were no other editors and it was lonely! I wonder now how I’d get through some editing days without them! Who else will look at a sentence and tell me what’s wrong with it when my mind is so saturated I just can’t see it? Or bemoan the ways of all you difficult authors? *snicker*

**Mom’s Night Out! Once a month the ladies in my playgroup get together and go out for some “mom” time. It’s an awesome decompressor and I would seriously miss it if we didn’t have these gatherings. Sometimes it may be just a few of us, sometimes 10 or 12 of us. There is very little that would keep me from Mom’s Night Out because I desperately need that one night a month to cut out and have fun with other women who get it!

**Reading. While I don’t get to do this as much and sometimes it’s more work than pleasure, reading always has been and always will be a way for me to escape. I can travel to different places, new worlds, meet incredible people and have fascinating adventures, whether I’m at home, at the doctor’s office or on a plane.

**You know who. No day would be the same without you. You’re my rock, my soulmate and all my dreams made reality. No hero in a book has ever been so heroic as you are with our daughter. No hands have ever touched me so tenderly. No mind has ever complemented mine so perfectly. You are my ultimate sanity saver and I love you more each day than the last because of that and because of who you are.

**Brianna. Okay, as much as she’s the one who induces my near misses with insanity, she’s also the one who does the cutest damn things I’ve ever seen and delivers them with a grin and a giggle.

Of course, I’m sure I’ve left out some, I’m sure, but those are the big things (and people) who regularly save me from wanting to rip my hair out and run away to live with monks in Tibet. What’s really ironic is some of those things that save me are also the things that sometimes make me want to run away. Isn’t it funny how life works?

So what are some of the things (or people) that really save your sanity when it’s slipping away?

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