I’m busy getting ready for BEA. Josh and I are driving to the conference tomorrow morning, coming back late Saturday night, then driving there again Sunday. A lot of driving but because of Brianna’s recent…lack of sleeping and difficulty weaning, we felt it would be imposing too much to leave her with his parents all night.

I have a list of authors whose ARCs I want to get, including Diana Peterfreund, Gena Showalter, Susan Grant, Maria Snyder and a bunch of others. One author I won’t be looking up is Tara Taylor Quinn. Draw your own conclusions :sasmokin:

I was bummed because Sandra Boynton is signing today and we have a good portion of her books. For those of you without children, the name probably isn’t familiar, but she writes silly children’s board books which are a huge hit in my house. I can honestly say we read several of her books a day. But my publisher was kind enough to take pity on me, and she’s going to stand in line for a Sandra book for Brianna. I’m pretty thrilled with that.

Another thing I’ve been doing today is sorting pictures on the computer. I want to make some photo books online for my dad and Father-in-law for Father’s Day. I was going to do four pictures from each month of her life. Who knew it would be so daggone hard to choose just four pictures from each month? Yikes! It’s been amazing to me, to see the change in her, from a year ago to now. I can’t believe how much she’s changed even in just a month. Where is my little girl going? :bigsigh:

I am behind on updating the TBR challenge page, though I will also be working on that today. Many of you have completed the challenge, will those of you who are left rise to the occassion?

I made a decision not to start edits today, because my head’s not in it and it’s hard to take several days away in the middle of a manuscript and then come back (on Monday). So I cleared several short manuscripts off my desk the past few days and didn’t start anything new this morning. I already feel guilty, but there was other time-consuming things I needed to take care of.

I will be posting the “interview” questions later today. Have a fantastic weekend and I’ll report back on BEA on Monday!

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