[photopress:IMG_0321.JPG,thumb,alignleft] I know, I know. You’ve all been breathlessly awaiting the pictures from BEA. Sadly, my pictures are mostly boring, because there’s no famous people in them (I didn’t take pictures of any of the authors, for whatever reason), but I did attempt to take some pictures to give you a small idea of the sheer scope of the convention. And I also took a picture of all the STUFF I got. I can feel the jealousy already :giggle:

First, to try to impress upon you the breadth of BEA, I took some pictures from the balconey, overlooking part of the expo hall. When you look at these, keep in mind that you’re seeing only about a third of the expo hall. The downstairs expo hall. There was another hall upstairs, with about a third of the booths.

So basically, this is the middle third of the expo. You can’t see far right or far left, but there’s a section just like this on either side of where I am. (clicking on each photo gives you the large version).


I’ll have to crop all those photos together at some point, as they were meant to be, but I think you get the idea.

So, I think I mentioned that I came home with a lot of books. Umm…yeah. I got a ton of children’s books for Brianna and actually, that was my biggest thrill, which I guess goes to show how much of a mommy I really am. It was cool seeing authors I read and getting signed books, but I spent most of my time in line for children’s authors and books. Josh and I both did–and don’t ask me why, but those lines were almost always the longest and generally the slowest moving. Authors, take note, when you spend a minute talking to each person in line, you’re only going to move 30 people through your line in a half hour (see, I can do math). And in case anyone is wondering, in some cases, I’m not exagerrating. It was awfully nice of them to put clocks above the signing tables so I could watch the second hand to verify my theory, lol.

Anyhow, I got a ton of children’s books. All signed to Brianna. Some of them are too old for her now, but books keep 🙂

I also got a huge amount of young adult and adult books. 50% of them are earmarked for give-aways immediately. Most of what I’m keeping is from authors I’ve never heard of. And yes, I will be doing give-aways on my blog starting in the next couple days. I’ll be doing the “Book A Day Give-Away” *grin*. But enough talking. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

[photopress:IMG_0357.JPG,full,pp_image] [photopress:IMG_0359.JPG,full,pp_image]

That’s umm…seven stacks of books. The stack on the far left is children’s books. The back stacks are about knee height (2 feet or so) to give you an idea. Yeah. Did I say a crapload of books?

First person (in North America, lol) to comment gets the first book giveaway!

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