Last week I posted pieces of an interview from the Kensington Aphrodisia editor and asked about marketing. Dear followed up on my post with their own thoughts on the matter and had a spin off post about the changing face of romance. May added her thoughts on her blog. It seems that some readers disagree that romance requires a HEA between the hero and heroine (for the sake of this arguement, we’ll just use the standard romance of hero/heroine here but this could be hero/hero or heroine/heroine–or more, lol).

Basically, the discussions center on two things. One that a romance requires some sort of implied HEA between the hero/heroine and two, that a book that doesn’t have a HEA such as this is then classifed as women’s fiction, chick-lit, erotic, etc. But some readers said they don’t see the need for a HEA between two people for it to be a romance. The relationship/romance aspect should be there, but the book can just show a HEA with the heroine on her own.

So I decided to host a poll and find out what readers thought a romance requires. We’re talking HEA here, what is required as far as the HEA. Remember you can add your own answer right in the poll, just hit the “Add Answer” link.

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