A few random things I saw and heard at BEA:

Seen: Spiderman working the chicks

One of the booths had a man in a Spidey costume, you could have your picture taken with him. He was working the crowd–but just the women. I declined to have my picture taken, for whatever reason. I think it’s because I didn’t want the man in the leotard groping me :giggle:

Heard: “So, you’re young adult books then?” :doh:

At the Ellora’s Cave bus. They were situated right next to the children’s pavilion. Rather bad placement in that respect. Literally, it was all of the children’s publishers in the area (upstairs away from the main vendors) and then the EC bus. Good placement because it was right next to the traditional autographing area, which got tons of traffic. The response? “Oh no, we’re older adult books.”

Seen: Gordon (Roscoe Orman) from Sesame Street signing his book, Sesame Street Dad (which I can’t find on Amazon or Barnes and Noble, so now I wish I’d picked up a copy so I at least knew the details, dammit).

Seriously? He looks exactly the same. His smile was exactly the same, his voice, everything. It was like a flash back to childhood.

Heard: “Pick up so and so’s latest book, s/he’s signing just around the corner. It tells you how to…get rich…be successful…take control of your life…”

Some companies had people out working the crowds, trying to draw them to their booth where various authors signed. Invariably, it seemed as though it was some sort of self-help book. Josh and I did a lot of dodging and then polite “no thank you’s”

Seen: Champagne!

More than one of the booths had champagne to serve their customers throughout the weekend. Take it from me. Skip the champagne (here’s a hint: if you’re serving large quantities, chances are you’re not getting Dom).

Heard and Seen: “My feet are killing me.” *takes off three inch heels*

And here’s another hint. At BEA? Comfortable shoes are a must. I cannot stress this enough. Screw fashion, unless you want to be crippled for weeks after the first day. Wear. Good. Shoes.

Seen: Newt Gingrich. His line at the traditional autographing was the longest of any line I saw all weekend. No really.

Missed: Jim Belushi, Stephen Baldwin, Meg Tilly, Bob Newhart, Angela Basset and Courtney Vance…missed them all. I didn’t see any tv/movie personalities signing except Gordon from Sesame Street 🙂

Biggest Disappointment: I didn’t get a signed book from Nelson DeMille. My dad is a fan and I really wanted to get him one for Father’s Day.

Best Moment: Getting my picture taken with Dora the Explorer. How lame am I? But all I could think of was how thrilled Brianna would be to have a picture of her mommy AND Dora with Boots. Score 😉

Coolest gadget ever: The flip-it bookmark. I bought one. The only thing besides food that I spent money on. And worth every penny. I’m hoping that we’ll carry them in My Bookstore and More because I want about ten more!

Total number of books scored:

Conclusion: BEA rocks, it’s not RT, it’s completely different, but I loved it and I can’t wait to do it again next year. If I had to choose? Most likely BEA for a number of reasons I’d have to take hours to explain, but for one big reason, that it’s a step into the world of books and publishing that’s more than just romance. It’s about books as a whole. And there was something incredibly…right…about that!

Maybe I’ll see some of you there next year! June 1st through the 3rd in New York.

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