Though Sara does have a blog, which you can find here, it’s not a romance blog (she said she’s thinking of starting one so let’s all encourage her to do that!) so she asked me to post her May TBR reviews here.

On a brief side note, the TBR page is updated with all of the completed entries I recieved by email or in the comments section here. If I missed anyone, let me know because there are only FOUR days left to complete the challenge or you go up on the wall of shame 😉

Title: To Die For (Police/Military theme)
Author: Linda Howard
Year published: Dec. 2004

Why did you get this book?
Moving to Italy with just one suitcase and little disposable income, I’ve been
out of the romance circuit for almost three years (ack!), so I felt really out
of touch. Therefore, I’ve been really relying on different blogs and romance
sites to give some recommendations and reviews on new authors to try. I read
about this book through the AAR Reader Poll and saw a few other mentions about
Linda Howard via blogs, and thought I’d give her a try since I found the ebook
format (I’m buying only e-books now as I save international shipping and I’m
still a bit of a nomad)

Do you like the cover?
The e-book didn’t have a cover, but looking at it, it’s ok. The shadowing on
the man makes him look like he has long hair, which of course a policeman never
would have, but I like the blue.

Did you enjoy the book?
Not at all! (and I look forward to all the feedback from Linda Howard fans –
what did I miss here???). I thought there were two big flaws: the lack
of/lacking explanation for his walking away, and the motive for the killer, who
will remain nameless. This really bothered me because these were the two
driving points of the book.

Was the author new to you and would you read something by this author again?
I believe in second chances, so I would definitely read something by her again,
but maybe with some recommendations of what is the “best” book of hers, and by
examining her backlist a bit more to know her writing style/subjects.

Are you keeping it or passing it on?
It’s an e-book, so I’ll have to keep it. Otherwise, I would pass it on.

Title: The Seduction of His Wife (e-book offered first)
Author: Janet Chapman
Year published: May 2006

Why did you get this book?
(See above explanation. I’m trying to experiment with authors new to me, plus
the “logger” part of it was interesting to me.) This was interesting also
because it’s being offered as an ebook for a few months prior to the paperback

Do you like the cover?
I think it’s a nice cover, though the tartan-like fabric is confusing (they’re
in Maine). I think she has written lots of highlander books, so maybe it’s part
of her design scheme.

Did you enjoy the book?

Yes, I did. She built up a good level of suspense (mystery-wise) while at the
same time working on the tension between the two characters. I am much harder
on contemporaries than historicals or paranormals, so I was pleasantly
surprised. I am also looking forward to reading about his brother, whose story
was alluded to in this one.

Bit of a blurb:
“Alex Knight is dead — or so everyone thinks. A widowed logger baron with a
risk-taking streak, he took on a South American engineering project and was
reported dead after a rebel attack. So when he turns up back in Maine very much
alive, his grieving family is shocked. But the biggest shock is Alex’s, when he
discovers he’s now married — to a woman he’s never met.”

Was the author new to you and would you read something by this author again?
She was new to me, and I’d be interested in reading another one of her
backlist, or the next one in this series (I haven’t seen info about it,

Are you keeping it or passing it on?
Have to keep it, but I would probably still pass it on.

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