Dear Mima and Poppy,

We really appreciate you buying us flowers and plants for our front yard. We’ve been diligent about watering so they don’t die. Especially the ferns hanging from the front porch. Those ferns look really beautiful. We’ve been meaning to repot them, and even though we haven’t we’ve still watered them nearly every day, so they don’t die. But this morning, we came to the realization that one of them is going to have to die. We’re sad about this, but we think you’ll understand…


Not really sure what you’re looking at? Maybe a closer view…


Still need to get closer?



Now you see our problem? It’s hard to water a fern when we’d be soaking the babies as well. Baby cardinals to be exact. We’re very proud to be foster parents to this little family, so we’re sorry, but we’re going to have to let the fern die.

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