This weekend, I (mostly) took time off from editing and answering emails (needed a recharge of my batteries). Though I did have one deadline to meet on Sunday, other than that, I didn’t edit or answer emails or turn on my IM all weekend. Decadent, I know. So how did I fill my time? You’d think I’d have picked up one of the books I snagged at BEA (in case you haven’t noticed, BEA book list is now up on it’s own page at the top) but nooo. I wasn’t in a reading mood. Guess I was a bit burnt. So instead, I popped in a DVD and became an instant addict.

I blame Melissa for loaning me her Firefly DVD’s. I’ve been wanting to watch it for ages, but my local video store doesn’t carry it. I finally found someone local who owned it and Melissa brought it to me at Mom’s Night Out last Wednesday. So Saturday morning, I decide to watch the first episode, to see what the fuss is all about and Oh. My. God. I love this show. There are only 14 episodes in the series (three never aired) and I watched every single episode, Saturday and Sunday. I had to tear myself away to meet my Sunday deadline and my reward for finishing was being able to go back to watching Firefly. My author is lucky she got her book at all. I didn’t want to stop watching!

I’ve always thought Joss Whedon is brilliant and I’ve loved every show he’s created/written (which of course means they invariably get cancelled, because I am the kiss of death when it comes to liking series. Just as the Book of Daniel). I thought the characterization portrayed in Firefly was incredible, right down to the secondary characters who show up only in one episode. Joss Whedon has the ability to hook you in and make you see nuances in characters, despite only seeing them on the screen for 45 minutes.

The main characters are rich with personality and depth, which fans are doomed to never be able to see resolved, since the show was cancelled. Add to the show, a fun humor displayed with clever writing, a futuristic western theme, intriguing story lines and you’ve got a show that I was sad to see the credits rolling on the last episode. All I have left now is the movie, Serenity. :bigsigh: Hold me, I’m sad.

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