I said last week that I was going to be giving away a bunch of the booty I got at BEA. That starts today!

But don’t think I’m going to make it easy for you, because I’m not. My Bookstore and More paid for Josh and I to go to BEA and so, I’m going to require you to work for MBaM, just a little, to get your name in the hat for free books.

International readers (Canada not included, I’ve placed no limit on Canadian winners), you can play as well, but please be aware that I will choose no more than two international winners, because overseas postage is expensive and since I’m paying this out of pocket, I’m not an author and it’s not tax deductible for me, I can’t afford to send more than two packages overseas. Did I mention it’s expensive?

For this first contest, which will run until Friday, I will choose five winners from those who participate. If you’re wondering what you can win, check out the page here on my blog labeled BEA books. You’ll see those labeled for giveaway as well as those I’m keeping to read. Most of those I’m keeping will also be available for giveaway. I’ll mark those that absolutely will not be given away with an asterisk. Depending on what book(s) you’re interested in, you’ll get anywhere from one to several books.

Now, for the contest. As I said, you’re going to work for My Bookstore and More for this contest. Please go to the MBaM website. I want you to shop and browse as though you were actually going to complete a purchase. Go through the entire purchase process, but don’t complete the order (unless you want to, which is fine by me, lol, but not required for this contest and if you accidentally complete the purchase, neither I nor MBaM can be held liable).

Specifically, I want you to:

1. Search for at least one ebook that is of interest to you, place it in your cart in your desired format.

2. Search for at least one print book that is of interest to you, place it in your cart.

3. Place at least two items on your wishlist.

4. Complete the checkout process as far as you can, without purchasing the books (unless you want to, of course).

5. Come back here and answer the following questions in the comments section:
*Which ebook and which print book did you place in your cart?
*What do you specifically like about MBaM?
*What do you specifically dislike about MBaM?
*Overall, did you find the MBaM site easy or difficult to navigate?
*Do you have any other suggestions or feedback?

I did say this wasn’t going to be just a matter of entering a contest, right? I will enter anyone who answers the last question, with other suggestions or feedback, two entries into the drawing. Now, obviously I have no idea if you actually do this or not, it’s by the honor system, but it will be harder to answer the questions if you don’t do it and I will disqualify anyone who doesn’t appear to give an effort to answering the questions. Additional prizes will be given if effort is shown *grin*.

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