July TBR Challenge

Tomorrow is July 1st so let’s get sign-ups started! (June round-up will be posted this weekend so get those TBR reviews in!)

July’s TBR challenge is romantic suspense.

If you’re new to the TBR Challenge, here’s how it works:


I’m dangerously close…

To not completing my own TBR challenge! I haven’t read one book this month that would qualify. Ack! I need to do that this weekend. I don’t want to go on my own wall of shame.

The TBR page was updated as of today. You can comment here if I missed your completed challenge. Sign-ups for the July challenge will start tomorrow. Look for that post. 🙂

Treasure Hunters

Is anyone else watching this show on NBC? I was flipping through the channels Monday night and happened to catch it just as they were re-playing the first episode. I ended up not only watching episodes one and two, but setting my dvr to record the rest. AND I went to the website and Josh and I played their Treasure Hunter challenge online. I’m such a geek.


Puzzling her with their use, she pondered dangling participles.

Thus begins Teaching Tuesday (geez, I’m so clever, what a snappy title). I decided to make Tuesday a day where I’d devote to some aspect of editing. Aren’t you all excited? Yes, I sense you foaming at the mouth for next Tuesday’s installment already. And no, I’m sorry, no bribes accepted for a sneak peek at next week 😉

On to the dreaded dangling participle. If you’re one of my authors who loves to write with these, you’re most likely sick of seeing comments from me telling you the nice turn of phrase you’ve written is modifying the wrong word and has to be revised. As one of my authors said, “Damn dangly bits.” They sure do sound nice in your head, but in execution, it’s not a great thing when you’ve got the hero holding a swarm of butterflies, lolol.

So how do you know if your participle is dangling? No need to check your fly *badump-bump*, just look for these factors’ presence in your sentence…


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