This is a big weekend for me. Josh and I got tickets to the Busch race in Dover from one of his vendors, Yellow Racing, who sponsers Johnny Sauter. They host a cook-out in the grass first, and then we have grandstand tickets to watch the race. It will be an all day event and my in-laws agreed to watch Brianna. Earlier in the week, my mother-in-law called and asked if they could keep Brianna overnight.

Some of you know that she’s still not completely weaned from her night feedings, though she doesn’t seem dependent upon that to go to bed now, as long as it’s not me putting her to bed. So Josh and I talked it over and decided to go ahead and let them have her for Friday night. It would make our Saturday morning MUCH less early, because they live 45 minutes away and then we’d still have to drive awhile to get to Dover.

So earlier this afternoon, my MIL came and picked up Brianna and I watched and waved and blew kisses as my baby girl drove off for her first sleep over. *sob* This is a GOOD thing, because we’re not so far away that we can’t get there if it happens that she gets hysterical. I don’t really see that happening, but since we’re planning a night away later in the month, this seemed like a good trial run. Knowing that it’s a good idea doesn’t make it any easier. It’s been awfully quiet here this afternoon.

I just keep looking at the positive side. She’ll have a blast. My in-laws dote on her and she loves visiting them. Josh and I are planning on dinner with a friend and then going to karaoke to socialize and have a few drinks. We can come home and have uh…moments of contemplation :hump: in as noisy a fashion as we want :giggle: We’ll be able to sleep through the night (hopefully) for the first time in…uh…uh…oh hell, I can’t remember the last time I slept through the night. My second trimester of pregnancy maybe? And finally, we’ll be able to get up and go to the races without getting a monkey ready to go as well.

See all those positive things? Did I mention it doesn’t make it any easier?

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