Last fall I signed up for the viral marketing for Marjorie M. Liu, for her book Shadow Touch, which released in January. I got an ARC and was to spread the word about the book after reading it. Unfortunately, I felt horrible guilt because I started editing after signing up and my time was consumed with getting the first Samhain books ready for release, reading submissions, looking at editor tests and FLE tests and promoing the company. I was busy. So I never got to read Shadow Touch or participate in the campaign. I had guilt.

Well, today I checked my mail and I had a package from Dorchester Publishing. In it was an ARC of Marjorie M. Liu’s July release, The Red Heart of Jade. I guess I’m still on the list. So, because I’m a lapsed Catholic and quite good at feeling guilt, I decided that I was going to read Shadow Touch and then read The Red Heart of Jade this month. Even if it means not completing the June TBR challenge. *gasp* See how much guilt I feel? I love ARCs, but I feel guilty if I don’t follow through on the intent behind them. Even if I haven’t promised anything to anyone in exchange for the ARC. I still feel guilty. Look for a review of the Read Heart Of Jade in the next few weeks.

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