I haven’t been accepting a lot of submissions recently, but I’m looking to start acquiring for my 2007 schedule. If you know anyone interested in submitting to Samhain Publishing, please pass the word.

I’m particularly interested in acquiring a futuristic or two, some gay romance/erotica. Also BDSM, menages and romantic comedies. That doesn’t mean I’m not interested in seeing other genres, and I will gladly consider non-romance, especially in the fantasy area. And paranormal romances of any kind are always welcome too 🙂 But I wanted to mention a few specifically that I’m looking for, if anyone who reads this blog wants to pass the word on to friends, that would be lovely.

Submissions can be sent to editor@samhainpublishing.com but you can mention in your cover letter that you’re directing the submission to me.

Please follow Samhain submission guidelines when submitting. Those can be found here.

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