One of the moms from my playgroup posted about this on our message board yesterday. I’ve been playing with it ever since and I LOVE it.
is an online music player, but it’s special. What you do is input the name of an artist or group that you love. Pandora creates a music station for you based on that group, playing music of the same type. I input Indigo Girls (because I never get tired of listening to them) and in the first hour I heard 5 new artists I’d never heard of, but who I immediately loved.

You can add artists and music to one music station, or create new stations. You can tell the player to play more songs like it, not play the song, add it to your favorites list (so you can keep track of titles and artists) or ask it to take a break from playing the song for a month.

It’s an incredibly cool player and a great way to find music to fit your mood, as well as to discover new artists. I recommend checking it out!

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