Recent emails (yes, emails plural) I’ve gotten in the past week compel me to jot a quick note to the readers of this blog. Yes, I have a copy of JR Ward’s Lover Awakened. Sometime in the future, I’ll have an ARC of Butch’s book. I also have a plethora of ARCs I picked up at BEA, as well as ARCs a few other authors have given me. I don’t sell my ARCs. Ever. I’m not trying to impose my moral code on anyone else, but it doesn’t feel like a good thing to do, for me. I’ve been gifted with ARCs because of both my profession as an editor as well as my acquaintance with various authors. I hope to be gifted with more ARCs in the future and I wouldn’t feel right profiting from them, for a number of reasons.

I do, as you can see, give away ARCs on my blog. I don’t feel guilty about that. For one thing, I’m not profiting from it and I’m giving them to people who will appreciate them and (I hope) review them, give them word of mouth and (I also hope) not sell them on Ebay.

But the JR Ward ARCs? Seriously off-limits. I’m not offended that anyone asked. I jokingly told JR that I was going to start a bidding war and pay my mortgage. But I have a lot of respect for JR. I’m honored that she has trusted me with an ARC of a book that’s not set to release for 3 more months, knowing that it would fetch big bucks on Ebay. (**important side note to authors reading this blog…see how trustworthy I am? Send more ARCs. :bat:). Anyhow, those ARCs will stay on my shelf until they fall-apart. They’re signed to me. I love them, though I also buy the book the first week of its release (and no, that doesn’t make me a rabid fangirl, just showing the love!) so I have a matched set of the books in mass market as well.

I don’t know how JR feels about all these offers but I have to imagine it must be flattering, to know your book is so lusted after, that someone is willing to send random emails and offer to pay for it. That’s some serious book love!

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