If you want to draw people to your blog, start blogging about JR Ward and Lover Awakened. I’ve been getting mad hits on this blog since I first blogged about this book. You wouldn’t even need to say you’ve read it (since you probably haven’t). You could talk about how much you’re looking forward to it, how much you hate my guts because I have a copy, you could blog about what a wonderful person JR Ward is and how you’d like to bear her children in exchange for a copy of Zsadhist’s story… (ohhh Lillith Saintcrow, my offer to procreate for you still stands…).

Heck, you could just write it over and over again as if on a chalkboard. JR Ward is a goddess and I want Lover Awakened. All you need do is mention the magic words and people will come. Just make sure you throw in the titles of your own books in the same post. And mention how much people who love the Brotherhood of the Black Dagger are SURE to love your books. Go ahead, try it. See what kind of hits you get. :giggle:

And if you’re here looking for an ARC of Lover Awakened, no mine isn’t for sale. Please don’t email and ask.

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