So Jo Leigh is doing a generous giveaway and here I am, doing my part to spread the love 🙂

by Jo Leigh
A stalker has ruined Christie Pratchett’s life. He’s stolen her job, her friends and her freedom. The police can’t help, nor can the FBI. Now with a single call for help, it’s all up to ex-Delta Force Boone Ferguson.

Boone lives under the radar…with a secret that could cost him big. But he’s going to train Christie to become a warrior princess — and his lover. Together they’re going to risk it all, on the street — and in the bedroom.

The next two people to say nice and wonderful things about me (because I’m cranky and need love) will get their very own copy of Closer by Jo Leigh.

I’ve not read Jo Leigh, though I do have Hush on my TBR pile, but I understand people enjoy her books and I think a category read is just what I need while recovering from the flu, so I’ll be pulling Hush out this week and giving it a whirl!

Anyhow, let the niceness begin 😉

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