Thus begins my throw-away post. I’ve been down with the flu the past three days, finally feeling better today, the third day. No one warned me that having kids meant being the recipient of every virus they could find and drag home. I’m fairly certain I’ve been sick more in the past two months than I’ve ever been in the past three years.

So while I was laying on the couch moaning and wishing for someone to end my misery, I decided to catch up on CSI. See, I like CSI, but I didn’t take the time to watch it last season. So I have the entire season on my DVR. Every. Single. Episode. That’s a lot of CSI 😉 But in the past two days of being unable to sit up for long periods (thus making working impossible) I’ve cleared quite a few episodes of CSI, in between naptime. I’ve moved from having all episodes to watch to being more than halfway through the season. And holy moses, now we have some space on the DVR!

I love CSI, the episodes this season have been great and now I want to blow off all responsibilities and do nothing but watch CSI. Sadly, I have deadlines that I’m not missing thanks to the flu.

The other thing I decided to do this week was switch from Outlook Express to Outlook. I wanted to be able to use the calendar feature, so I could see my deadlines at a glance, it’s nice to have a calendar to reference right there, on a screen I already leave open and I also wanted to be able to sync my contacts and my calendar with my Ipaq. So far, all I’ve done is get my accounts transferred and started to learn Outlook. I don’t think it’s as user friendly as Express, but I think I’ll like it once I get the hang of it. I’m still trying to figure out how to get a signature inserted on outgoing messages. I thought I had it but it didn’t work 🙁 But I figure I’ll learn, and the calendar feature is a huge bonus.

Now, I have to force my recovering brain to concentrate on work, because I owe people edits. And I’m going out of town this weekend and I’m NOT working. So I have to buckle down and get to it!

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