And a life saving tip.

Oh, okay, maybe it’s not a life-saving tip, but I’ll start with that. It’s a cool think I learned this weekend. The chair of the racing committee that Josh is on is a former cardiac doc (who smokes like a chimney, but that’s beside the point, lol). While I was sitting around, an older gentleman started “choking”–you know the choking where you swallowed wrong and can’t catch your breath? Craig told him to raise his left arm in the air–way up. I asked later what that does and he said it opens the airways and passages and makes it easier for you to get your breath back and clear the passageway. Huh. I just had to share that with all of you, who knows when you might need such important knowledge!

So I was in DC this weekend. Had a lovely time, met with Joy from Joyfully Reviewed on Saturday and had a three hour lunch. She’s always a hoot and we had a great time and the conversation was fabulous as always! Saturday was forecast for rain, but the day ended up being sunny and hot as hell. I spent the late afternoon at Fed Ex field, watching the autocross races and generally having a good time–I also read submissions while their on Saturday so I even got work done while loafing about.

Sunday, however, the rain came. And boy did it come down. Parts of the DC/Baltimore area were flooded, including major roads. We were outside in the rain all day. Well, I finally left at around 1:30, but from 8am on, it was torrential downpour. I wore my flip flops and didn’t have to worry about wet feet. There were people not so lucky, walking around without umbrellas or raing gear and getting soaked. Because it RAINED. Not little sprinkles, but a deluge. Orange cones from the course were floating away. Cars were hydroplaning. And still they raced. But in the midst of it all I witnessed…bad parenting.

Okay, so I try not to judge people for parenting choices, because God knows, I don’t always make the best ones, but I wasn’t the only one who noticed these parents over the weekend. On Saturday, which was an exceptionally hot, long and tiring day for everyone, they had their three children out at the track for over 12 hours. Not so bad, but they stayed a good hour (if not two) longer than they had to, basically goofing off. They left the two oldest children under the committee tent (literally just dumped them there without a word to anyone) and went off with the youngest to walk the course (an unnecessary endeavor after the first day of racing). They left them there for an hour, with adults–basically strangers–who were drinking beer and getting rowdy. They left them with nothing to drink (did I mention it was hot as shit outside?) at 8pm at night, after a 12 hour day and those little ones where whipped. Then they took them off to another tent with more adults drinking. TAKE THE KIDS HOME. You’ve had your day, had your fun and you’ll get another tomorrow. Take them home, spend some time with them, put them to bed! Can you tell I was irritated? But that wasn’t what really got me.

So Sunday it rained (I mentioned that, right?) and it was a bit cool, since we were wet and it just kept raining. Mid-morning I spotted the dad of said three children walking around with the two-year-old. This little man was in shorts and short sleeves and he was huddled into his dad’s shoulder. I’m guessing trying to get warm since it was RAINING. No umbrella to cover him, no jacket (even I had a jacket on), just walking around in the rain with a two-year-old who was so miserable it hurt to look at him. I walked over and offered the man my umbrella but he declined. I pressed the issue (yes, I can be a pushy bitch) but he “decided” to take the kids back to their trailer. Grrrr. There are other small incidents they did over the course of the weekend, but those are the two highlights. Come to find out later, the mom is a child psychologist. Holy shit. Just goes to prove that the smartest, most educated parents can be the dumbest because they were the topic of conversation for many people over the weekend and comments about their parenting were not flattering.

Okay, rant off. I did mention there was good news, right? Well, I picked up Brianna from my in-laws (where she had a fabulous time) and Elmo the satanic doll didn’t come home with us! Josh took the batteries out of him Thursday and apparently he lost his allure once he didn’t rock and roll anymore, so Brianna didn’t demand to sleep with him or carry him all over during the weekend. There is a God. I guess I can’t complain about unanswered prayers any more 😉

So there’s my weekend in a vague nutshell. I only read one book (besides submissions) and that was Twelve Sharp by Janet Evanovich. I did take a trip to Borders and picked up Kitty goes to Washington by Carrie Vaughn. I guess they put it out early, but you won’t hear me complaining!

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