That’s the sound of me being pulled into buying several authors in hardcover that I’ve previously said I was never buying again.

Last night I took a trip to Barnes and Noble to pick up the newest Tara Janzen book, Crazy Love. I’ve been dying to read Dylan and Skylar’s story. I didn’t realize anything else I’d be interested in was releasing yesterday, but there, first display as I walked in the door, was the new Laurell K. Hamilton hardcover, Danse Macabre. Josh asked me if that was the book I’d come for, and I said no. I picked it up, I walked around with it, I explained to Josh how I’d sworn I wouldn’t buy her in hardcover anymore. He smirked at me. I got the Tara Janzen book and still I had LKH in my hand. I really didn’t want to shell out $20 for this book. I haven’t been happy with the last ones. I don’t want to read about her having sex with every man and monster that tells her to drop trou. But you know what? I am now the not-so-proud owner of Danse Macabre. Like I said, you hear that sucking sound?

So, after saying that JD Robb was the only author I was going to continue to shell out hardcover prices for, I bought not only LKH this week, but last week I purchased a copy of Twelve Sharp by Janet Evanovich. A book that I read in a few hours. It was fun, she makes me giggle, but was it worth $20 to not see Stephanie move forward in either life or relationships? I’m thinking…no. Dammit. In the future I’m going to repeat to myself, “Stay strong, don’t give in, save your money for shoes. They last longer.”

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