Is anyone else watching this show on NBC? I was flipping through the channels Monday night and happened to catch it just as they were re-playing the first episode. I ended up not only watching episodes one and two, but setting my dvr to record the rest. AND I went to the website and Josh and I played their Treasure Hunter challenge online. I’m such a geek.

I’m cheering for Miss USA to win. I was really impressed with the perserverance of the Graduate students, after that girl hurt her knee and they kept going. It completely amused me that the Fogels, the Christian family, were the first team to stab someone in the back (the Southies helped them portage their canoe for three miles, then the Fogels and Southies were “working together” but the Southies stopped to check something out–at the Fogels suggestion–and the Fogels kept on going. They justified it by saying there’s no way they could have stopped. Then they prayed. The other teams coined the term “I’ve been Fogeled”. Fogel me once, shame on you, Fogel me twice, shame on me. Yes, a fine example of Christian charity. But hey, it’s a game, right? Following the tenets of one’s faith shouldn’t count when it’s all about winning.

I was sad to see the Brown’s get eliminated, because I thought they really toughed things out. Though it does look as though they somehow come back, from previews of later shows. And is it just me or are those the dumbest Geniuses ever? And last, how can I not talk about the Wild Hanlons? It’s like watching Dumb and Dumber but they are so freaking amusing. They left in the middle of an elimination challenge, went and got a burger, and came back and STILL managed to solve the puzzle. They’re hysterical!

So there you are, I got hooked on reality television, which I rarely watch, because I’m a true sucker for an adventure type show. I told Josh Treasure Hunters is the show I want to do. though he and I would end up killing each other after one challenge, both of us thinking our way was the right way and getting pissed when the other didn’t listen. Maybe I’ll recruit a few authors and we can go do the challenge 😉

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