This afternoon I was paging through Brianna’s book of DVDs, trying to find something to put on that we might both enjoy watching.

I ended up going with Lady and the Tramp. Brianna likes dogs so I thought she’d enjoy the movie. As it happens, she watched the first 30 seconds and then played with her toys the rest of the movie (who am I to complain that she’d rather play than watch tv?). But I, on the other hand, ended up watching the whole daggone movie. It’s been years since I sat through it. But it struck me, as I watched, what a true Alpha hero Tramp is. And no, no play on words intended. But in the scene where Lady gets muzzled and runs away, being chased by three feral dogs, Tramp comes to her rescue, taking on all three dogs, fighting ferociously and then taking care of Lady after the fight.

[photopress:lady3.jpg,thumb,pp_image]He doesn’t have to get involved, but he knows she stands no chance on her own and he doesn’t even think twice about helping her out. As the movie goes on, we fall in love with Tramp, just as Lady does…he’s protective and charming and he shows her a good time 😉 But he’s also romantic and fierce and he fights by her side when he’s needed, helping her learn her own strength while she tempers his rougher edges with her soft touch (of course, he’s also arrogant and convinced his way is the right way and more than a bit of a scoundrel, but what man isn’t?)

It’s a true good girl/bad boy romance and Disney makes it work just as well as any romance novel ever did. *sigh* Tramp is just what every hero should be, complex and strong and all about his one true love. And at the end, he saves the day, protecting innocence from evil, winning both Lady and a new, happy life. What could possibly be more romantic or more sexy than a male like Tramp?

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