Anyone have any?

I spent all morning yesterday running around after a 20 month old who would rip off her diaper and pee on the floor. Now, in my defense, she peed on the floor three times in an hour. Even if I was potty training, I wouldn’t have put her on the potty every fifteen minutes. Um…would I? Please say no. And when I say rip off her diaper, I mean pull ups, she would take her pull ups off. We switched to those because we thought they might be easier to keep on. Ha!

We have this potty chair for her in the bathroom. She likes to go in and sit on it. And get off. And sit. And get up. And sit. She doesn’t like to just sit on it. I despair that she’ll actually ever tinkle in this potty. Some of you might recall from a previous post that she HAS tinkled on the floor next to the potty.

And I’m happy to report that while she was at my MIL’s on Tuesday, she had a loose bowel movement during naptime, took off her diaper and spread it about. Why does this make me happy? Duh. Because it wasn’t at my house and I didn’t have to clean it up. I hear that most every child has one incident like this and I’m nearly gleeful that it wasn’t at a time when I had to deal with it.

So back to potty. Is it time to start potty training? I’ll be honest. I know potty training is hard work. I’m nearly certain I’m too lazy to successfully potty train a child. It sounds like a lot of work. But *heavy sigh* I’ll perservere and do the work. See? I’m just that kind of nice mommy. No really, do I need to start? How do I start? Can’t I just let her magically potty train herself eventually? That does happen, right?

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