Josh and I played hooky from work yesterday afternoon and went to the beach. Of course, playing hooky for me is easy, I only have approximately 50 authors I have to answer to. It’s harder for Josh–he has an actual boss who wants an accounting of his time 😉 But the in-laws had Brianna Tuesday/Wednesday (and we had date night Tuesday night) so we decided to take advantage of the nice weather (it was at least ten degrees cooler than the sweltering heat we’ve been experiencing) and our temporary childless state and hit the beach.

I forgot the camera, which I’m still pissed about, because there’s a tropical storm off the coast and it was creating some awesome waves. I could have gotten some great pictures of the surf. Not the lifeguard though, he wasn’t cute. But he was busy.

When we got there, I made the comment to Josh that it was the type of water that probably caused lifeguards to have to be extra-vigilant for swimmers in trouble. You really couldn’t go more than a few yards in without getting swept by the waves and the current. No one was venturing out particularly far except those with boogie boards. Younger children were fighting to keep their feet (unsuccessfully I might add) and more than a few got rolled and tumbled and swept a few feet further than they–or their parents–wanted.

As it turns out, my words were slightly prophetic. The lifeguards had to perform a rescue on our portion of the beach. I didn’t actually witness it, since I was laying on the beach blanket, with my eyes closed and my top open (which makes it difficult to just jump up and run down the beach to watch the action) but Josh checked it out. Someone swam out a bit farther than they should have (bad move with the water as turbulent as it was) and was foundering a bit, unable to make it back in, past the waves. One of the lifeguards swam out and helped him back in. Catastrophe averted.

I told Josh I’ve never thought being a lifeguard would be a fun job. But I find it so interesting to watch them. Their stations (the high chairs they sit on) are positioned about…100 yards or so apart (I’m bad with distances, it might be more like 200) and they communicate with each other with their whistles, hand/arm and flag signals. I watched today for long periods and dammit, I wanted to know what they were saying. Were they talking about all the dumbass swimmers? Did one of them have a woman with her top off, flashing them? Maybe they were planning the kegger for later? I hate not knowing.

It really was a beautiful day for the beach, despite the bad waters. Though one thing that wasn’t so beautiful was all the cigarette butts the higher tides/waters pushed up on the beach. It amazes me that people don’t think cigarette butts are trash. If you walked along the water line (the highest boundary that the water had pushed up to) you’d see a fairly solid trail of cigarette butts. Yuck yuck yuck. I’ve been a smoker, I’ve even smoked at the beach. I always, ALWAYS, carried my cigarette butts out in a plastic baggie and dumped them in the trash. Our beach even has trash containers everywhere, so it’s not like you have to walk more than a few feet to dump them. But people think burying them in the sand isn’t littering. WRONG. When we were there a few weeks ago with Brianna, we had to stay one step ahead of her, because she would pick the butts up as she unearthed them in the sand. Some of the garbage cans have written on them “Leave nothing but your footprints behind.” You’d be amazed (or maybe not) at how careless people are about this. Grrrr. How hard is it to toss your trash when there’s a receptacle a few yards away? People have such a lack of respect for things like this.

Josh speculated on how long it would be before the beaches were eventually made a non-smoking area. Truthfully, the time couldn’t come soon enough for me. And I’ll be the first one sitting on the beach smiling while the cop hands out citations for people who violate it (because I’m evil like that and the people who disregard a smoking ban are probably the same one disregarding the trash can they’re sitting next to).

So anyway, despite my irritation with the cigarette butts, we had a great day. I “swam”. Meaning I walked into the water until the waves pushed me over and Josh laughed at me. I then carried about a pound of sand in my bikini bottoms for a good portion of the day. You think I exaggerate but I’m not. I had sand in places sand shouldn’t be. And a day later, I’m still scratching little sand particles out of my hair. That stuff gets everywhere!

Brianna is home now and Josh is back at work, but we had a couple of good days and I got to work on my tan. I feel ready to tackle work again, my brain was feeling a little dead so I needed a break. I had a great time, babe, thanks for playing hooky with me 😉

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