In the tradition of last week’s Yay or Nay column, about condoms in fiction, I thought I’d pose another question, this one about animal sex 😉

Specifically, how do you feel about paranormal–shifter and/or werewolf stories (shifter can be any kind of shifter) in which they portray the hero/heroine having sex in animal form. Is it icky, gross, blech blech blech or is it sexy because they’re not really animals, they’re shifters?

And what if one is shifted, or partially shifted, or the other isn’t? I see, on most every publisher’s website, that they do not accept submissions of beastiality. Does what I’m describing count in your book? The dictionary describes it as a human having sex with or on a non-human form. What do you think? Yay or nay to animal sex in erotica/erotic romance?

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