[photopress:IMG_1360.JPG,thumb,pp_image]Brianna’s friend Avery tagged her.

3 Things that scare me: Dogs barking,

3 People that make me laugh: Daddy, Mommy and Poppy

3 Things that I love: Popcorn, my poppy, and Elmo

3 Things that I hate: mushrooms, having my diaper changed, being told “NO!”

3 Things that I don’t understand: Why I can’t touch that, why I have to wear clothes (and a diaper), why it’s not okay to sit on the cats

3 Things on my floor:: My mommy says “what ISN’T on the floor”. I’m kind of messy during the day.

3 Things I am doing right now: Eating crackers, talking to Mommy, bouncing on Mommy’s leg

3 Things I can do: say please and thank you, take my pants and diaper off, turn the tv on

3 Things I can’t do: go potty on the potty, put my shirt on, say my ABC’s all the way through

3 Ways to describe my personality: stubborn, curious, happy

3 Things I think you should listen to: Laurie Berkner, me when I say please, Hi-5

3 Things that I think you should never listen to: Mommy saying “NO!”, the Wiggles, me when I throw a tantrum

3 Absolute favorite foods: popcorn, spaghetti, french fries and green beans (I can’t count yet)

3 Things I liked to learn: how to climb, how to turn on the tv, how to take off my diaper

3 Beverages I drink regularly: soy milk, apple juice, gatorade

3 Shows I watch: Dora, The Doodlebops, Hi-5

3 kids I tag: Liam, Emma and Jessie

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