Back to the bookstore (aka saying good-bye to an old friend)

I stopped by Barnes and Noble yesterday. And it really was a quick trip. I have a massive TBR pile, I just dropped some money at the Harlequin site and the lovely Lucy Monroe is sending me some of her Harlequin Presents backlist (and some of them even have Greek in the title…*squeeee*). So my trip to B&N was a quick in and out with a purpose: to return Danse Macabre by Laurell K. Hamilton.


A little fair funny…

We took Brianna to the state fair yesterday and I have a whole bunch of pictures to share, but as a quickie for today, I’m sharing this short (like 20 second) video of Brianna loving the prize her daddy won for her on his first try. It’s worth a glance if you want a giggle.

Letting go…

As some of you know, I’m weaning. Have been weaning nearly forever (okay, like 8 months, but that’s nearly forever, right?) I’ve experienced this horrible push/pull feeling towards weaning. On one hand, I’ve wanted to be done. My main reason was so I could travel and Brianna could spend nights away from us and not be missing the nursing. We’ve reached that point, though when she’s home, until two weeks ago, she had still been nursing once in the middle of the night (thus the night-time waking). The last two weeks Josh has gotten up and she’s slept through the night more nights than she’s woken (I think she’s only woken twice in two weeks). So I should be glad, I’m getting a full night’s sleep, my body is my own and I have more freedom. Right?



Yesterday, Brianna was sitting on my lap and we were on the Sesame Street website, which offers some fun, educational online games. Brianna particularly likes the Elmo Keyboard-o-rama where she can press a letter and Elmo says the letter and the name of the object that starts with that letter.

So there we are, engaging in some quality mother/daughter time, learning our letters when, instead of opening a new tab in my browser as I intended to do, I closed our current tab, thereby closing Elmo.

“Shit!” I exclaimed.

“Shit!” repeats my daughter in her lovely little girl voice.


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