Playing hooky

Josh and I played hooky from work yesterday afternoon and went to the beach. Of course, playing hooky for me is easy, I only have approximately 50 authors I have to answer to. It’s harder for Josh–he has an actual boss who wants an accounting of his time 😉 But the in-laws had Brianna Tuesday/Wednesday (and we had date night Tuesday night) so we decided to take advantage of the nice weather (it was at least ten degrees cooler than the sweltering heat we’ve been experiencing) and our temporary childless state and hit the beach.

Yay or Nay: Condoms in Contemps

Lauren had a blog post up yesterday on the use of condoms in contemporary books. It started in a discussion forum on Romance Divas. This is one of those discussions I love to jump into, for whatever reason. We’ve actually discussed this before on my blog (looooong ago, lol). Lauren seems to have mostly writers, from the author standpoint, jumping in on the discussion and I’d love to hear more readers’ point of view (though if you’re an author reading this, of course I welcome your viewpoint as well, lolol).

Should authors write condoms into their contemporary books (we’re only talking contemps now because most everyone agrees the rules are different for fantasy/paranormal/historicals)? Does it kill the moment to include the use of condoms? Or does it kill the moment NOT to include them.


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