Sasha Knight complete’s August TBR challenge

Just a note, I’ve updated the TBR page and will be posting the round up this weekend. Lots of people potentially going up on the wall of shame 🙂

Also, I’ve added a sub-note to Sasha’s write up below, just a side note I think is interesting.

Title: California Demon: The Secret Life of a Demon-Hunting Soccer Mom

Author: Julie Kenner


That HEA thing revisited again…

Hey, they say third time’s the charm. But really, I wouldn’t have brought it up again, except Hilary Sares, Kensington Aphrodisia editor, emailed me in regards to my July 29th post in which I stole a quote from HelenKay Dimon’s blog that she snagged at Nationals this year. Ms. Sares (looking at my stats, it appears she Googled herself and found my blog. Google is a wonderous thing, eh?) felt she was quoted out of context. If you’ll all recall, this conversation started on my blog with a post about an interview Kensington editorial director Audrey LaFehr did with Paraphenelia back in May, in which she discussed the marketing of Aphrodisia and HEA optional. Dear Author picked up the thread of the conversation and it went on to other blogs from there.


Just the two of us…

Taking the weekend off means taking the next week to catch up, so excuse my lack of posting. Tomorrow, I’ll be posting an email (with permission) from Hilary Sares of Kensington, her response to reading the post where we talked about the Aphrodisia line and no guaranteed HEA.

Today, I took Brianna to Picture People in the mall and we got our pictures taken together. We had them taken last year at this same time (for Josh’s birthday) so I thought it would be fun to have a yearly photo. Here are three of the photos from this morning. An hour after we took the photos, Brianna fell and hit her face on a table, so she’s now sporting a bruise on her face. Timing is everything 😉



Had an awesome day yesterday, even though it was long. I got up at seven, was out the door by nine and Josh and I didn’t make it home and to bed until after midnight, but it was sooo worth it. Lunch with some Samhain authors and readers was a tone of fun. Cheesecake Factory now hates us for tying up their table for almost 3 hours 😉 We could have sat there for another 3 and just gabbed. After lunch, we headed over to the bookstore to gab some more and talk about books (there can never be too much talk about books!)


The day after…

I’m up early because we want to get on the road so we can stop at my in-laws and say hi to Brianna 🙂 Thanks so much to everyone who stopped by and commented on my birthday post yesterday. I appreciate all the well wishes.

After my early melancholy yesterday morning, I had a great birthday. Josh came home a couple hours early and brought me 31 roses. They’re gorgeous and mmm…they smell yummy.


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