Tuesday. I had another post planned (an adverbs, do you have goosebumps yet? lolol) but then I read two posts that I wanted to link to today, because I think they’re excellent reading for anyone aspiring to have a career in publishing.

The first is Bonnie Vanak. She has a fabulous post about the things she learned at Nationals. Here’s a small snippet:

1) Publishers buy what sells. Sex is selling now. So are inspirational romantic suspense books. Historicals are making a slow comeback, but it’s still mainly Regency-era English settings. Historicals are still considered pre-20th century, but there is some leeway, depending on the book and time period. Paranormals are selling, but there’s a glut of them on publishers’ desks. You need to write a book that will sparkle and stand out from the crowd.

And later in the post:

7) Don’t waste time envying others’ success. Christina Dodd gave a terrific luncheon speech on how we’re all walking on the sidewalk to success…some are skateboarding and some are strolling and some lie there, crumbled after skateboarding, because they soared too high too fast. No one has it perfect. The RITA winner has faced personal setbacks and private struggles. The woman with the gadzillion book contract from Superstar Publisher can barely function due to a health problem. Christina wrote for 11 years before getting published. Susan Elizabeth Phillips at the RITA awards said she had a severe career slump 15 years ago. Rejections, setbacks, slumps. Everyone has them.

13) People will envy you when you achieve some success. Just getting a book published means someone, somewhere, will envy you and may try to shoot you down. Ignore them. Don’t get involved in internet flame wars, fights, etc.

I think all of her points (there are 15) are excellent ones and well worth reading, I hope you’ll read the entire post for more savvy tips from Bonnie.

Also, via Paperback Writer this morning. How Not to Piss off an Editor.
There’s some rather…important advice in that post, if you’re not quite sure how to go about the query process. Important advice on what not to do.

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