I’m a great blogger. In my head. Laying in bed, late at night. That’s when I’m a great blogger, because my mind is unwinding, I’m going over the day, planning my schedule for the next day and I compose entire blog posts in my head. They’re fun and witty and entertaining…and they never make it to the screen because I can’t remember one word of them the next day. Don’t you hate that?

Brianna has, I believe, officially entered the terrible twos. Much of my day is spent watching tears well in her eyes, her mouth turn down in a pitiful frown complete with trembling chin and limp, and then, when “the face” doesn’t work, watching her throw herself dramatically around the room. And I do mean throw. It’s a wonder she hasn’t knocked herself out yet. But I largely ignore these temper tantrums, since they’re pretty much always related to me scolding her for throwing something at the cat (or at me), telling her no for drinking her milk and then spitting it into the a)leapfrog table b)fisherprice house c)buttons on the chase d)various toys that are hollow or e) all of the above, or for telling her no for getting into something she’s not supposed to. Really, she’s a good baby, she just is so damn curious and mischevious. My head hurts.

On the up side, she’s been sleeping through the night the past 4 weeks. It’s amazing, getting to sleep all the way through a night. Of course, sleeping through the night has also meant she’s weaned and that’s something I try not to think too hard about, since it makes me just a little sad. But it had been well over two years since I had a full night’s sleep (since pregnancy isn’t exactly conducive to restful sleep) so it’s nice to be reaching that point again. Of course, now I don’t want to do anything to disrupt the trend, which means she’ll continue to sleep in her crib until it’s a problem (she’s never tried to climb out) and I won’t be trying night time potty training for awhile. I want to get her in the habit of sleeping through the night, and enjoy it myself.

Speaking of potty training, she continues to pull her diapers off, and she asks to sit on the potty, but we haven’t actually achieved potty in the potty. We’re in no hurry. Okay. *I’M* in hurry. So sue me.

In life besides Brianna (yes, there is such a thing), I think I’m finally reaching a spot in my schedule where I can breathe again. I wondered if I’d get here. I’m not ahead, but I’m not behind, and I can live with that, at this point. One thing that will help immensely is that my MIL is coming home from her two week vacation this weekend. She’ll start taking Brianna two days a week, again, so I’ll have two days to concentrate on work. Though I have noticed that I often get less done on work when Brianna is here, because I end up using that time to run errands, do chores and other things it’s difficult to do with her in tow.

And just so he doesn’t think I forgot him, my husband is still wonderful. I do love that man and I’m so blessed to have him, as has been driven home by the losses others around me have experienced this week.

To end my post, special condolences to two friends this week. Charlie Burton (Jaci Burton’s husband) lost his father this week. The funeral is tomorrow and I hope, if you know Jaci and Charlie, you’ll go to her blog and share some positive thoughts with them.

And to Kristie(J) whose husband, Ron, passed away yesterday after battling cancer this past year. Kristie is an amazing woman and my heart breaks for her, to have lost her life partner. You can show her share your sympathies with her at her blog or post them here for her to see when she’s back online.

Now, let’s all go kiss our loved ones, eh?

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