The other day, I looked up to see that Brianna had crawled up into the recliner, which isn’t actually used by real people, but instead holds her large stuffed animals. What was funny, is that she’d crawled up, managing to do so without dislodging any of the stuffed animals, and positioned herself among them. It was cute ๐Ÿ™‚ Kelly mentioned elsewhere that I owe her new pictures of Brianna (aka .5) because I’m somehow responsible for some affliction she’s got now that had her going into a used bookstore and walking out with a bag of books–but having not once stepped foot in the romance section. I’m not sure how I’m responsible, but here are the request photos!



Two weeks ago, we had a playdate with Brianna’s friend Regan, and her mommy Nicole. Regan is only two weeks younger than Brianna, so they make good playmates, though Brianna is a bit more physically active than Regan (and I’m not saying that as a smug mom, but as something Nicole and I discussed while they played). I have always found Regan so adorable (she and Brianna were in tumbling class together) so I took a bunch of pictures of them. I feel compelled to mention that I’m jealous of Nicole, not just because she’s so classy and poised (and in Bermuda as I type this) but because she also works at home, but SHE has a mother’s helper who comes in half days and helps her out. Jealousy thy name is Angie ๐Ÿ˜‰









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