I picked this book up at BEA in May. Josh and I were standing in line for a Harlequin signing of Thriller, when he spotted the girl in front of us reading it. The title had caught his eye (hey, he IS a guy after all) and so I tapped her on the shoulder and asked which book she’d gotten it from (with several thousand booths there, the chances of finding it on my own were slim, at best). She very kindly directed me to Running Press’s booth and once we ran the gamut of authors at the Thriller signing, we headed in that direction.

Boy, am I glad we did. As part of this month’s non-romance challenge, I’ve been trying to read some of the BEA books I brought back. For some reason, I grabbed this one off the pile yesterday morning. And couldn’t put it down. In fact, when Josh came home and offered to take me out for a seafood dinner, which I’ve been craving, I almost said no because I wanted to finish the book. I was starving and seafood sounded good, but I didn’t want to leave the couch–I wanted to keep reading! Josh did eventually drag me off the couch, and we went to dinner and out for drinks (Brianna spent the night at my in-laws again last night and it’s been since long before she was born that we went out twice in one week!). We got home at after midnight, and rather than going to bed, I picked up Pornology and finished it before finally going to bed just after 1am.

Here’s the official blurb:

Book Description
When Ayn Carrillo-Gailey confronted her boyfriend about his porn habit, he pronounced her “pornophobic.” Determined to prove she wasn’t phobic, simply more enlightened, Ayn set out to learn all she could about this phenomenon. Like any good researcher, she added her new quest to her daily To-Do list:

1. Drop off dry cleaning
2. Call Mom
3. Visit sex toy store on Melrose
Acting as an amateur anthropologist introduced Ayn to a world populated by everyday people. Her quest aroused the curiosity of her female friends: her knitting group quickly turned into informal information sessions, as the women—single or married, involved or not—were desperate for information.

What does XXX mean vs. un-rated?
What’s the difference between topless dancers and strip clubs?
Why is some of it actually not that stimulating? And why are men obsessed with it?
Along the way, Ayn ditched the porn-obsessed boyfriend, and learned that one should not try to make change from a stripper’s G-string tips, nor is the Hustler store the best place to make a first impression on a hot guy. Pornology is the result of one woman’s quest to pierce the veil that modestly covers something many women actually want to know about. Suprising, hilarious, informative, and ultimately non-judgmental, this narrative is one readers won’t put down—once they admit they’re curious enough to pick it up!

I don’t think the blurb does this book justice. Told from Ayn’s point of view, the writing is fresh and so freaking funny I was laughing out loud at times. This is a book that should appeal to any woman who’s ever entered into the world of porn, to explore her sexuality and discover what works for her. Reading this book, you can picture yourself or a friend in Ayn’s shoes, as her writing is so engaging you feel that she’s sitting next to you, telling the story.

I’m going to share an excerpt from the book, so you can get a taste of the author’s writing. Ayn has been told by her current boyfriend, Greg, that she is pornophobic. Being a list-maker, Ayn decides to take that as a challenge and makes a Porn-to-do list so she can experience the world of porn, she if she’s pornophobic, and discover what the big deal is. Her first item on the list is to read erotica.

The next night I pick up the least intimidating book in the stack: Five Minute Erotica: 35 Passionate Tales of Sex and Seduction, which promises on its back cover to be an anthology which is at once “frisky and adventuresome, yet introspective and celebratory.” It also guarantees that it will jump-start my libido, whether I share the tales with my lover or keep them my “sly little secret.”

I am starting to get the feeling that Greg wants me to give up on reading erotica so that I will give up on my Porn-to-Do list, which would prove that he was right: I am pornophobic. That is why I decide to go all out. I draw a bubble bath, light some candles, and open a bottle of wine I purchase for the occassion. The first story is one page long and is a lot like sex with Greg: I can barely figure out what is going on before it is over.

The book offers a fun and honest look into the different aspects of porn from Ayn’s perspective and includes interesting facts about the sex/porn industry, including its explosive growth over the past decade. In the book, we get to journey with Ayn as she shares her humerous exploits at sex stores, sex toy parties, a sex talk show, a blow job seminar and more, all the while searching for love. This is a recommended read for anyone who’s ever realized that sex doesn’t always have to be serious.

You can pre-order Pornology, which releases December 30th, from Amazon now.

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