I had a post for yesterday mostly written in my head, but when it came to finding time to put it here on the blog, I found that I just couldn’t do it yesterday. Now, I’d like to tell you pretty lies about how hard I was working and slaving away, and though I did work and accomplish a fair amount yesterday, that’s not why I didn’t have time. No, you see, it was the belly dancing.

Yes, you heard me. Belly dancing. It started something like this: I was innocently reading the posts on my playgroup’s message board when I came across one from Nicole, reminding us that it’s time to sign up for tumbling class again. Brianna and I did tumbling class last year. She loved it, I hated it. Being a good mommy, I signed her up for another 10 sessions (I deserve a friggin’ medal) because she loves to tumble. She’s trying to sommersault on her own. And the interaction is priceless for her. On the other hand, I feel that I can chase her around all I want at home and at least at home, I don’t have to wonder if other moms think my daughter is a heathen.So I signed up quickly before I had time to dwell on the idea which would then mean I’d have to get drunk before completing the sign up process. Best do it like ripping off a band-aid because once you have time to think it over, the anticipation builds the pain. But I digress.

After I signed her up for tumbling, I was browsing a list of the other activities on the park and rec website and I saw… :hips: belly dancing. I casually mentioned it on the board. Then another mom started a seperate thread for it. Someone else asked if they were serious about taking the class because they’d do it if they were. I said I’d take it as long as at least ONE other person signed up with me so I wasn’t making a fool of myself alone (because, you know, sometimes you want witnesses to your humiliation :popcorn:). And so the belly dancing mania was started. As of right now, it’s myself and one other mom, but several others have *said* they’ll do it. We’ll see. In the meantime, starting at the end of September, I’ll be bellydancing. Maybe if you’re lucky, I’ll take a video of my newfound skills and post it here on the blog. That would be even better than getting to comment on my tatas. :boobie: I was watching this video today and hoping I’ll dance (and look) like her when I’m done. And not like this :bdance: Hey! A girl can dream.

Along with belly dancing and tumbling, I also plunked down money so Josh and Brianna can do soccer lessons on Saturdays starting in September. Josh would love it if his baby girl turned out to be the next Mia Hamm. I guess starting early doesn’t hurt 😉

And last, in my line of sociable activities, I signed up to do a dinner thing on a Saturday in September. We have this cool business here where you can go and make meals, that can then be brought home and frozen. It seems like both a fun activity and a neat way to break out of my cooking rut and add a few new things to my line-up. I’m doing that with a couple moms from my playgroup as well.

I’ll tell you, for as cranky (and I mean evil cranky) as I am today, it’s a good thing all this social planning took place yesterday or Brianna and I wouldn’t be going anywhere. I’d freeze my credit card in a house-sized block of ice before committing to so many social things today. Because today, I am ready to have people disappear. Now tomorrow, I might be convinced to sign up for strip dancing…wouldn’t THAT be fun? :wiggle:

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