Today is my husband’s birthday. He’s old. Okay, not really, but he’s older than I am by two whole years. And he has a lot more gray hair than I do. And he’s waaaay past his sexual peak while I’m just hitting mine. Hee.

I was married once before, in a different lifetime. I was unhappy for a good portion of that marriage. A combination of marrying too young and marrying someone with different ideas than I had. I wanted a partner and a lifemate. What I got was someone who wanted me to do it for him. There wasn’t any equality in our relationship, no give and take. I can’t think of one thing that he took responsibilty for or that I could count on him for (not in a positive way). All that said, he was a nice guy and I don’t hate him, but I’m so glad not to be married to him anymore.

So now, I have this guy. My husband, my soulmate, my partner, my rock, my best friend and the father of my child. I adore him and I’m thankful for him every single day. Even if I don’t always remember to tell him. I knew Josh long before we ever entered into a relationship. We were friends first. I even listened to him talk about the girls he was dating or crushing on. He listened to me talk about everything. And then I was single and he was there. Lucky guy. No wait, lucky me 🙂

Josh is everything I wanted in a husband, when I thought about getting married. I know I can depend on him to be there for me, to pull me through when I’m having a bad day. He takes out the trash and cleans the litterbox (small things but they’re huge to me because I sure don’t want to do them, lolol). He’s a fantastic dad, very involved and proud and eager to spend time with Brianna. He sees her as something that we created together (he’s so freaking proud of her) and as a responsibility that we share. I don’t have to cajole or beg or nag to get him to help out with Brianna, to set boundaries, to discipline or to play with her. He WANTS to do those things. He loves me, wants to spend time with me and he’s attentive to my needs. You know…needs. I could go on about how wonderful I think he is… But above all, he’s smart and funny and he challenges my brain and makes me so damn happy I could about burst some days. How can I not love a man who looked at me like this when I was 8 months pregnant and feeling fat and miserable, and still looks at me like this every single day:

So today, selfishly, I’m celebrating his birthday because I’m thankful to have him in my life for my sake and Brianna’s. Without him, we’d be lost. Happy birthday, babe. I look forward to celebrating the next 60 with you 🙂

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