Me! I did!

Yesterday I said I’d be holding a quickie contest to give away a couple of books. When My Bookstore and More came back up yesterday morning, I purchased two books to test the system. These are books that I edited and…um…I already have copies in five different formats on my harddrive, lolol. So I’m giving away the copies I bought. Participate in the comments for a chance to win either Performance Criteria by Mandy M. Roth or Not Quite Dead by Sela Carsen.

How do you win?

I’ve chosen two random numbers. I’ll give the books to the people who are that number commenter. And to make it easy for you to comment, we’ll do a little game. You can comment more than once, but the game precludes you from commenting immediately after yourself. The game will continue until midnight eastern and I will post winners tomorrow morning. If we don’t hit the number (just in case it’s a high number and I find I’m not popular at all) then I’ll do a random draw. Winners will receive their book in their My Bookstore and More accounts (that means if you don’t have one, you’ll have to create one) in the format of their choice.

The Person Below Me. Here’s how it works. I post a statement. The next person to comment says, yes or no/true or false (and you can add commentary if you want) and then posts a statement for the following commenter to respond yes or no/true or false to (don’t forget to post a statement or the game stops working!).

Starting statement: The person below me is still in their pajamas.

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