Had an awesome day yesterday, even though it was long. I got up at seven, was out the door by nine and Josh and I didn’t make it home and to bed until after midnight, but it was sooo worth it. Lunch with some Samhain authors and readers was a tone of fun. Cheesecake Factory now hates us for tying up their table for almost 3 hours πŸ˜‰ We could have sat there for another 3 and just gabbed. After lunch, we headed over to the bookstore to gab some more and talk about books (there can never be too much talk about books!)

Quick impressions: I’ve met Joy several times before and we always have fun. With Joy in the room, you never need to worry about a lull in the conversation. And no Joy, I will NOT attend a damn Plushie party with you. *shudder*

Eve is beautiful and funny. Watching her facial expressions is a riot. And she does the most delightful pouty face (though I have a two year old, so those no longer work on me, lolol). Oh, and aspiring authors, Eve is a fine example of someone who’s smart about her career. She said when she was choosing publishers to write for she talked to other authors, to readers and she read books from the publisher. Now this is a smart woman. Others could learn from her. And did I mention she’s beautiful?

I wasn’t familiar with Ann before the lunch, as I don’t see her post much on the loops (lurker!) but she was very insightful and smart. She’s someone who truly loves books and authors, a reader through and through. Having her at the lunch was fun because we got to hear a reader’s perspective on our discussions.

Leslie/Jordanna: She is cute as a bug and there’s no way she’s old enough to have a teenage daughter (lies!). It was fun to listen to her talk because she still has the anxiety and excitement of a new author with their first release out (Price of Discovery was just out a few weeks ago).

Bianca D’arc is smart as a whip and so lovely. She is one of those very savvy people who you always want to have on your side because she’s on top of her game and has a wicked sense of humor to boot. She gave me the cutest frog pen, that has arms at the side with boxing gloves that punch out when you press on the back. To use on my authors, she said!

Thanks ladies for an incredible lunch, I wish we could do it again next week πŸ™‚

Bottom left to right: Eve Vaughn, Ann (reader and Romance reviewer), and Leslie Dickens (aka Jordanna Kay)

Standing: Joy of Joyfully Reviewed and me (in pink because I didn’t want Joy to be disappointed that I wasn’t wearing pink).

not pictured: Bianca D’arc (she’s taking the picture because she declined to be in it)

We had a really great time. We missed you Rene!

More pictures later from the DC United/LA Galaxy soccer game.

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