by AngieW

Friday: Watched it rain and storm and bluster. Thank you tropical storm Ernesto. 50 mph winds and 8 inches of rain later…

Saturday: Discovered the basement was “flooded”. Not to where things were floating, but half the basement was wet, including all of the boxes on that side of the basement. Saturday was spent cleaning, repacking into new boxes and doing laundry (since we separate our laundry on the floor and it was all soaked, it all had to be done).

In addition: battled wily were-crickets. They like our basement. They know I hold crickets in utter disgust. So they waited in and under boxes and clothes to leap out at me and then jump away, rubbing their legs together in evil glee.

Basement clean-up went on until midnight.

Sunday: My dear, dear husband took off for a day of racing. I stayed behind to watch the unruly toddler, work and do laundry. Lots of laundry. And battle were-crickets. Was feeling as though I should receive medal of bravery for my fortitude in going forth and continuing to battle crickets which seemed to take feral delight in crouching onto clothes and clinging to them, then leaping off to brush against my legs and elicit screams from my feeble human body. Got minor editing done, looking forward to unruly todder’s bedtime so I can forget about laundry and do work (had deadline I needed to meet).

And then the phone call.

Dear husband is on his way back from racing (where he had fun, relaxed, got to enjoy himself while I waged war on terrifying monster were-crickets). He gets pulled over. Discovers license is expired. Can’t drive. Needs me to come and pick him up. 2 hours away. At 6pm in the evening.

Let’s rewind for a moment. What, you’re asking yourself, did her dear husband do to get pulled over? Great question. Husband drives a Mustang Cobra. It’s a magnet for cops. They like to pull him over. He deserves it. This time, he got pulled over for not having his front license plate attached. Not so bad. But it’s the THIRD time he’s been pulled over for this offense and the SECOND in the past 6 months. :fucktard: This is a man who built an entire suspension for his car and installed it but :arsed: to mount a license plate on his car. So he gets pulled over (again) and is then informed that his drivers license expired several weeks ago on his birthday (the DMV is supposed to send out notices but we later found out it frequently happens that the notices don’t get sent).

Fast forward back to the phone call. I am quite pissed off (ya think?), mostly because did I mention that this is the third time for the same freaking thing and well, that’s just not understandable any more. And I’m now facing a 2 hour drive with a toddler, to go collect my soon-to-be dead husband. Yay me. So I do what any sane and rational person would do and I throw the toddler in the truck, head straight to Target and plunk down $130 for a portable dvd player so I can entertain her with Elmo during the drive. And I threw in a set of mini-Sesame Street books for good measure. And off the two of us go, cheerfully anticipating the moment when we see dear husband and can let him know how much we love him.

The dvd player and books turn out to be a stroke of sheer genius and the toddler is happy the entire trip to watch Elmo and read her books. We collect the dear husband and head back to home, with me driving (since I’m the only one with a valid license at this point). It’s not quite 10:30 when we reach home, and the small child has stayed awake the entire trip. Mesmerized, apparently, by the rays the Elmo video was shooting into her eyes, forcing her to stay awake and watch just one. more. minute of Elmo. She’s cranky, I’m cranky, my husband is cranky and nothing has been said about our impromptu trip.

Cost of ticket: $60 for expired license. $130 for dvd player. $50 in gas for truck for 2 round trips. Total cost of failing to take 10 minutes to mount a license plate: $240 plus wife’s ire.

Monday: I get up, clean living room, do more laundry and stomp some were-cricket ass (I’m seriously not in the mood for their clever little games at this point). Collect Brianna from bed and let her jump on dear husband, who’s still sleeping. Ha! Eventually force him out of bed (surely he didn’t think he got to sleep in?). Do dishes. Do laundry. Do small amount of editing. Nap (I really, really needed that nap). Then grocery shopping at the Evil Empire (aka Wal-mart). Still small amount of editing. Now I’m very behind *sigh*. And did I mention cranky? Little discourse on the events of the previous day take place between dear husband and I. Plans are made for Tuesday (because he still doesn’t have a license OR a car at this point). Any :poke: I do make at him (though I didn’t make many comments and they were mostly gentle jabs) is met with some surliness and defensiveness. Ha! He should suck it up. *I* am the wronged party here, as every woman reading this will agree.

Tuesday: Up early to answer email, make toddler’s breakfast, get her fed and then go to DMV. Fun, fun stuff. I was at least able to go through a few submissions on my Ebookwise while we waited. Then home for a morning of entertaining toddler while wishing desperately for a few quite hours to get something done. I’m now seeing my well-planned schedule is several days behind (looking at my calendar depresses me at this point). Husband comes home while child is napping and I am in serious concentration/work mode and likely to bite the head off anyone who looks at me wrong. She eventually wakes up (with some gentle persuasion) and we set off for in-laws, to dump…er…leave toddler with them for the day/night while we continue to go pick up the car. Husband is deep in thought (he’s driving since he’s legal again and I have the laptop open and am working–need to work to catch up just a little) and forgets that we’re dropping toddler off and we have to backtrack to in-laws house. Look kids! Big Ben, Parliment! (bonus points to anyone who can name that movie, lolol). Instead of driving straight to car, smart husband drives me straight to large mall with a Borders attached. I commence to turn all Samhain books to face out 🙂 We shop for a bit, I try on some clothes, buy a corset-top, and we also visit the Lindt chocolate store, which makes the best dark chocolate ever, and we wisely invest in some yummy chocolate.

We travel back home (in the rain, in the dark, which totally sucks) in separate cars and arrive home at 9pm. And promptly turn around and leave again to go to the bar. Because really, after that weekend, I needed a drink. And amazingly, I didn’t get groped in the women’s bathroom. :hump:

And that’s how I spent my Labor Day weekend. Laboring. I survived, though my schedule really is behind. So you’re wondering why I took the time to write up this long blog post, right? Well, my husband reads my blog. So this is my revenge. :devil:Love you, honey. I won’t hold a grudge if you won’t :love:

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