Brianna started soccer “lessons” today. :soccer: This is something Josh does with her. I’m doing tumbling class on Wednesdays, I don’t feel the need to chase her around the soccer field for a half hour every Saturday. She looks really cute in her uniform though. It’s not soccer games, all the little ones are under two and they just do fun games with them, to get them used to the soccer ball and basic things (like kicking, not throwing). Josh said half the little ones were running all over and the other half were crying. Gee, sorry I missed that. Ha.

My little soccer star

With Daddy, heading out the door (see the cute ponytail?)

Another good look at her in her uniform

Back home and wore out. Can you see how sweaty her hair is?

On our way to fun day at the university. She loves her diva glasses. Even upside down.

So ladylike…

Just goofing off

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