We got this hat in a bag of clothes that were given to us. Brianna found it in her dresser drawer last week and it’s suddenly her number one fashion accessory. She wears it with everything–and she wears it out and about. This weekend we sent her to my in-laws wearing it and she came home wearing it. My MIL said she wore it shopping and to breakfast. It’s a cute hat, but given that most of Brianna’s wardrobe is pink, it matches pretty much nothing. I’d love to find a similar style hat in a more…neutral color, lol, if she’s going to be wearing it everywhere. Of course, she’d probably still wear the red and white one.

We do have this pink hat, that she wore around for a few days, but as soon as she found the other hat (which is much softer, I must admit) she ditched this one.

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