Last night Josh and I decided to watch Battlestar Galactica. After discussion on Smart Bitches about it (in relation to kick-ass heroines) and someone there mentioning the new season started in October (October 6th to be exact) I was ready to give the series a try. I already had the first season on disc because it looked interesting to me and caught my eye when I was getting Firefly from Netflix, so I’d added it to my queue. I hate jumping into a series mid-way through, which works to my advantage in that I rarely end up watching much talked about series because I MUST watch from the beginning. But it’s a disadvantage when I discover a show several seasons in that I decide I just have to watch.

So when we were deciding which “movie” to watch last night, it was a bit late (like 9:30) and I suggested the first disc of the first season, thinking it would be easy to just stop after one or two episodes, and shorter than a movie. HA! Unlike other series I’ve watched on dvd (like Firefly), Battlestar Galactica doesn’t seperate the disc into episodes. So we ended up watching THREE hours of Battlestar Galactica and not going to bed until almost one in the morning, because we were both totally into it. And we’re going to DVR the third season, since we won’t possibly be caught up in time 😉 I enjoy science fiction and Battlestar Galactica was right up my alley in that regards (duh, lolol).

In other tv talk, last year I ended up recording the entire season of CSI on DVR without watching one episode all year. Don’t ask how I managed that, I’m still not sure. So at the beginning of the summer, I watched a bunch of episodes when I was sick, since the computer and reading were out (I also watched Firefly during this time). Then, as this week’s premiere approached, I realized I still had six episodes to watch. As of yesterday, I watched them all PLUS the season premiere. I just have to say that I thought last year’s season was very strong, they seemed to have focused even more on the characters and developing them and the story lines themselves were quite compelling. Though I did notice many of the shows last season seemed to often hold a theme of children and/or parental love and that does seem to strike a stronger chord in people. But it did seem to almost be the season’s unofficial (and maybe much unnoticed) underlying “theme”.

And the season premiere they showed on Thursday night? Wow, just wow. I can’t wait for next week 🙂

As for other shows I’m watching this year? The third season of Veronice Mars starts October 3rd and the new Doctor Who (the second season, which we see much behind the UK, wahh!) which starts on Friday (yay!). That’s it. Three shows. CSI, Veronica Mars and Doctor Who (and Battlestar Galactica if I ever get caught up, but I’ll at least have it on DVR). So potentially four shows. NO MORE!

I refuse to get addicted to any more TV, because evenings are really the best work time for me, but I do ocassionally watch The Office, but it’s not something I make a point to watch. Josh also watches Prison Break and he watched the series premiere of Shark, which he said was excellent. And he loves LOST and 24. But did I mention I refuse to get sucked into watching any more TV? So one of us usually leaves the room so I can work and not get distracted by the shows. Because otherwise, I’d spend every night watching TV and then I’d NEVER get anything done, lolol. But there are always sports on at our house. That, though, I can live with. It’s easy to catch up 😉

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