I’m talking about the store. If you don’t have one in your area, I’m so sorry πŸ˜‰ I think I probably buy more clothes there than anywhere else (except maybe Target). Their clothes are classy and trendy, but not horribly priced if you shop the sales and use the coupons they send out.

So I’m on both their email list and snail mail list. I get coupons from them quite regularly. But they send out probably 2 emails a week, advertisements for their latest sale, latest clothing line, etc. Often, I don’t open the email because I can tell by the subject line what’s inside and if I need to look or not. But recently, I’ve been opening the email even if I’m not intersted in what they have to say. Why? Two words: Patrick Dempsey. He and Ellen Pompeo (both of the much beloved Grey’s Anatomy. Which I’ve never seen. Shhh) are the focus of their latest campaign, which has been running since at least August. And Patrick Dempsey? He looks yummy-licious. So as long as they keep running the campaign, I’ll keep opening the emails to see the next picture. Here’s today’s (ignore the gorgeous skinny wench with him, we can hate her together, lol):

And because I can, a pic of the two of them at the Emmys:

And for pure yumm-factor:

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