People across the blogosphere are saying Happy Halloween. I, on the other hand, am saying wtf was I thinking? The house is as clean as it’s ever going to be with a toddler living here. I have to fill the balloons with helium and I didn’t mop the kitchen floor but it’s too late for that now. We’ll just keep everyone out of the kitchen.

If you’re looking for me today, I’ll be doing this :chair:

Wish me luck as my house is invaded by all these toddlers. I promise to share pictures (if I remember to take any) later. After I’ve regained my sanity. Maybe after Brianna turns eighteen?

Happy Halloween everyone 🙂

So little time

Jaci does a to-do list on Mondays on her blog, and normally I don’t do one, because I know I have a lot to do and it just stresses me out to actually write it down somewhere. But today I feel a compulsion to write it down because there’s so much on my to-do list and I might actually need a checksheet.

*Post office run (for one poster tube, 17 paperback swap books, 3 boxes and 7 large envelopes of books).
*Vet appointment for Max (because I waited for an hour yesterday and didn’t get in to see the vet because a poisoned dog was rushed in right when it was our turn. *sigh* poor dog)
*Finish cleaning house for birthday party tomorrow
*put together treat bags for birthday party
*get helium tank to fill balloons
*decorate with Halloween decorations for birthday party
*finish edits on book and return to author
*keep up with emails

*birthday party for way too many toddlers. WHAT was I thinking?
*keep up with emails
*isn’t that enough for tomorrow?
*But no, tomorrow is Halloween. Trick or treating.
*dinner at in-laws
*drop from sheer exhuastion

Rest of week:
*Get Brianna’s things ready for first day of daycare Thursday. Figure out what the hell to send for lunch
*edit and return 3 books to different authors
*Get RWA workshop proposal turned in–due Wednesday
*tumbling class for Brianna
*Belly dancing class for me
*missed belly dancing last week due to cold. Learn moves I missed before class on Wednesday
*keep up with emails
*all the other stuff I’m forgetting

Dear God. Someone hold me.

Special post for May

Please direct your attention to the left column and the newest added currently reading book (the newest book is always at the bottom of the section, for those who’re wondering)

. :poke::wiggle::giggle::muahaha::hips:

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