I thought this was interesting. I’m not a huge historical fan, it comprises maybe 10% of my reading, though some of my very favorite all-time books are historicals, and I do read about one a month. So I can’t comment too much on her statements, but I was a bit taken aback because think it might be construed as an indirect insult to other authors of historical romance. What do you think?

Do you know that Historical Romance is in trouble?
Do you know that Historical Romance as we’ve loved it is dying?
Do you care?
I care. The genre is selling way below all other categories and it has become very narrowly defined. By that, I mean that almost every title is set in Regency England and a handful of generic plots are being done over and over again. If you are looking for a historical romance to read, you no longer have a lot of choices.

I am still writing edgier and bigger than what is now “in vogue”. I have been asked to shorten up which means less plot. If you would like to see more choices on the shelves than what is currently being published out there, go out and make your presence known buy purchasing the kind of books we love. Longer, bigger
historicals, that aren’t just costume dramas. I need your continued support and so do other,
original authors who dare to write outside of the “Box.”

Together we can build historical romantic fiction back up, but we need you to make
it happen!

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