I’m home from NJRW and I have quite a bit to report from there, I had a wonderful time and am incredibly impressed with the NJRW chapter. But first, let’s get the public humiliation out of the way since I see some people have already found their way to my blog from NJ (I’m guessing by way of Google). I’ll be brief.

Saturday afternoon I sat on the editor panel with 6 other editors, 3 from Harlequin, and one each from Kensington, Avon and St. Martin’s. Yes, biiiiig publishers. I’m representing Samhain, of course, and also the only e-publisher there. What did I do? When asked to spell Samhain…I. Spelled. It. Wrong.






And finally, picture me laughing at myself every time I think of or recount this story (I told it to Josh last night and couldn’t stop laughing). Yes, they asked me to spell Samhain and I replied with a S-A-M-A-I-N. Ha! Thought I was done and the lovely audience members started asking…what about the H? *blank stare* H? I laughed. Told them I can’t spell in my head and respelled it the correct way. But really, who wants an editor who can spell? And of course, misspelling the company you work for and a word you see every day…no big deal. lololol. And the best part is, the panel was recorded and CDs sold for those who couldn’t attend. So I’m immortalized for all time misspelling Samhain. Bwahahahaha. Does it get any better than that?

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