This afternoon, we had a playdate scheduled for our local pumpkin patch. It was a lot of fun, though my daughter is a maniac. No, you don’t understand. When I got there, my MIL (who had her overnight so just met me there to hand her over) had her in a field and Brianna was running in circles. Literally. Just running and running. Then Brianna and I walked through the store and she was everywhere.

Finally, once everyone arrived (we had a fantastic turnoout, around 12 moms or so and too many kids to count) they first took us on a tractor pulled hayride. The cart had sides (so they didn’t fall out) but there were gaps at the bottom. I made mention to one of the moms that mine would be the child who tried to jump out. Sure enough…she was the only one who couldn’t seem to grasp the concept of “sitting” because we were moving. She wanted to get down and run. And she tried crawling through the gaps to meet her goal.

After the hayride was pumpkin picking. There was a photographer from the local paper there and he took a bunch of pictures of our little ones. If they make it to the paper, they’ll be in tomorrow’s paper in a feature on fall and pumpkin picking! If not, he said we may be able to see some of them on the website. That was a cool bonus. Again, Brianna was a maniac. She hit the pumpkin patch and just kept going…across the pumpkin patch. That poor lady who was our guide was beside herself. Trying to call Brianna back. Ha! As if 😉 So we picked a pumpkin (a little one and Brianna carried it out herself). I got pictures of Brianna talking to the cow just before pumpkin picking, but no pumpkin picking pictures 🙁

Then it was to the hay maze with pumpkins they have set up. The idea was to get to the other end and get a sticker. Brianna didn’t quite grasp the concept of the maze and as I turned to one of the other moms and said “Just wait, my child will be the one who climbs OVER the straw bales” there she went, lolol. Hey, it’s a form of problem solving!

We moved on to feeding the goats next and this is always a big hit with Brianna. She loves to feed animals so she was thrilled.

And last, they gave us a treat (koolaid and apple slices) and we were on our way home. Exhausted but happy after such a fun afternoon–and all for the bargain price of $4.75. You can’t beat that! Thanks to the playgroup for making another activity so much fun 🙂

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