I realized, as I was trying to tie things up for the week (not that I don’t have a ton of work planned for the weekend), that I didn’t blog again today. That makes the second day missed this week. Truthfully, I’ve been crazy busy. I wanted to finish edits on this book before the weekend, I read submissions last night and still have letters to write for those and this weekend is supposed to be for going over content editor tests, making my decisions and the documents/guides we give them and getting those in order. So there’s been no time to come up with any type of coherent post.

I still want to blog about Bob Mayer and Jennifer Crusie’s keynote speech, but that takes time to assemble my notes. And I want to do a little wrap-up post for NJRW. But not until I do the other post. So…I’m not blogging at all. And then I thought, well, I could just do a post about how I’m not blogging (which, as you can see, I’m posting) but then I thought. No, no one cares, better to not blog at all then to blog some meaningless crap updating the blogosphere about why I’m not blogging. I’m sure I could have pulled up a picture of Brianna you haven’t seen yet (I took some of her today, napping, though they’re a little fuzzy). Aren’t you tired of Brianna pictures yet?

So anyhow, I decided to post this anyway because then I realized I really wanted to know the answer. Is it better to not blog at all then to blog about why you’re not blogging, or blog stuff no one probably cares about? Or is some blog post showing up better than no blog post at all?

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